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Commercial Insurance

If you own a business in Utah, you need commercial insurance. You want to get to the business of running your business. Let the agents at Blue Valley Insurance help you determine what types and amounts of commercial insurance coverage are most prudent to manage your risk of loss.

The types of coverage you carry will vary, depending on the type of business you're operating. Brick and mortar shops will differ from online retailers. Insurance needs for a sole proprietor will be different from the needs of a business that employs many employees. There are some obvious coverages that most business owners will intuitively know they need, such as property and liability. There are other types of coverage, however, that many people are unaware of.

The agents at Blue Valley Insurance are available to consult with you about your business and the potential hazards that you can and must obtain insurance coverage for. Lines of commercial coverage that we can assist you with include:

  • Property. This may include buildings, electronics, automobiles, furniture, and fixtures.
  • General Liability, Product Liability, Event Liability
  • Worker's Compensation. This is state-mandated coverage in the state of Utah (and other states). We can help you determine if any employees are exempt from coverage. We will also help you understand how this coverage works, regarding accidents and incidents as well as risks that can affect your premiums.
  • Business Interruption. This type of insurance will protect your company's income if you experience a hazard that interrupts the operation of your business.
  • Health Insurance for Employees
  • Umbrella Policies. This is sometimes called "Gap" insurance. It's a type of coverage that will sit above other insurance policies to cover losses in excess of the limits you have purchased on other policies.

Commercial insurance is a broad topic. Business owners specialize in their niche business. At Blue Valley Insurance, we specialize in insurance. We're here for you, to help you understand what types of coverage are critical to your business to help you stay in business. Contact us to schedule a time when we can meet with you.

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