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Life Insurance

No man nor woman is an island. If you are like many Americans, there are people with whom you share your life with, who will be both emotionally and financially harmed by your passing. This might be your parents, your partner, your children, your siblings, or someone else close to you. Utah life insurance is an important part of an overall financial plan that will ensure those who you care about will be cared for in the event of your passing. Here at Blue Valley Insurance, our team's goal is to make the process of researching and purchasing the right life insurance plan as easy as possible.

Understanding Life Insurance

Unfortunately, death and taxes seem to go together like peanut butter and jelly. In the event of your death, there will be certain expenses, including taxes and unpaid debt that'll need to be taken care of. If you have loved ones that relied upon you, then they may also take a financial hit in the months and years following your passing. Life insurance is designed to help support your loved ones, take care of end-of-life costs, and ensure those who survive you are best equipped to continue forward financially.

Utah life insurance does that by sending a pre-determined sum to your loved ones following your death. The payout of a life insurance plan can be used to pay for a great many things including:

  • The final expenses and estate taxes related to your death
  • The final payments of a mortgage, business, or farm loan to leave survivors unencumbered
  • Supplementary income for a surviving spouse or children that will help replace your lost income
  • Give children a solid financial step forward, whether to go to college, trade school or to begin saving for their own home and future
  • Make a sizable contribution to a cherished church, organization, or similar charity

Find the Right Life Insurance Plan for You

There are several different types of life insurance plans and policies. Contact our team at Blue Valley Insurance to learn more and get started with a comprehensive plan.

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